Print volume is no longer a limit!
Modix develops heavy duty, large format 3D printers.

Large Format 3D Printing



  • Single 3D Printer Robots with a single of dual print head.
  • Independent heated print bed controller with heating zone.
  • Print Volume (XYZ) - 1200 x 610 X 610 mm for a single robot & single print head.
  • Software: we are not providing our own software. Modix Big is compatible with any open market standard slicer. Printing profiles will be provided to: Slic3r (free), Cura (free) & Simplified 3D (this software is not free).
  • Stand alone operation with SD Card or USB disk. Can use direct computer USB connection with many 3D Printer controller software such as Pronterface, Cura, Simplifed3D etc.

Motion System


  • Machine Size 1520X X 926Y X 1221Z mm, Electronic box at the top back (Y axis) - additional 12cm.
  • Please consider the assembly location as it may not pass through your door after assembly.


  • 2 Solid 40X40 T-slot aluminum profiles
  • Powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets and joint


  • Stainless steel linear guides
  • 3x Ball nut screw for Z axis + 4x12mm smooth rods
  • 10mm width PU(Polyurethane) timing belt with steel cores.
  • Layer resolution - 50 micron


  • Controllers - MKS Gen 1.4
  • Marlin Firmware
  • Connectivity: USB, SD Card.


  • E3D V6 hotend, High flow Volcano heat block, default nozzle 0.4mm
  • Extra nozzles 0.6mm, 0.8mm
  • E3D Titan extruder.


  • Mic-6 cast aluminum tooling plate 6.35mm thick.
  • Dual zone silicon heater with max temp of 130c
  • 2 PEI sheet at the size of 660 x 620 mm


  • Main Power Supply for electronics - Meanwell PS 24V 280W
  • Heat Bed is connected directly to mains: 110V - 230V

Technical Specification

PRINT VOLUME 60 x 60 x 66 cm The new model is taller in 6cm due to the shorter heat sink E3D Aero and other changes. You can get around 1cm more on X and Y but we will not mention that on specs for batch 1.
ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER Duet3D 32-Bit High end top rated controller. Supported by a professional & commercial company with proper OEM support. https://www.duet3d.com/
FIRM WARE Reprap Pro Flexibility, macro commands, text file configuration (no compilation needed) and more...
MOTOR DRIVERS Trinamic TMC2660 Higher current, dynamic motor power, very quite operation.
USER INTERFACE 7 inch touchscreen Web Console Modern, friendly, flexible, mobile friendly.
ENCLOSURE Black ACP panels and polycarbonate doors Stronger, no cracks, can be drilled for modification and integrations. Looks better!
MOTION RAILS Hiwin MGW Wider, more accurate and much smoother.
X AXIS Dual motor, no shaft Easier & faster assembly, more power.
Z AXIS 4 X Ball nut screws Now also Big-60 enjoy 4 Z Screws configuration as it was with 120-x. Much more stable bed!
Z AXIS GUIDES 4 X Hiwin MGWN * optional Offered as an add-on / up-sale for Big60 & 120X. WIll provide smoother prints in high speed and tall objects.
INTRUDER E3D Aero Shorter and stronger proven design. 40mm cooling fan and bigger heat sink will reduce potential clogs. The E3D Hemera is now being tested at our office and will be considered for future batch productions.
HOTEND Optional up-sales: Super Volcano and E3D standard V6 (named detailed) More options by design! It allows customers who need fast printer and/or very fine prints to add the right tool for their needs. Both BL Touch probe and cooling fan are comaptible.
DUAL EXTRUSION Dual Direct drive More accurate dual material and support filament printing.
SIGNAL WIRES IGUS for all motors IGUS shielded signal cables provide reduced electrical noise resulting in better reliability.
ASSEMBLY Shorter and simplified. Kit assembly was dramatically simplified for both easier and faster assembly times. Symmetrical corners, smaller metal parts. i.e. the frame is first assembled and later components are added on it.