Print volume is no longer a limit!
Modix develops heavy duty, large format 3D printers.



MODIX Big60 V3

Why Struggle with your 3d Print Sizes When you can choose to go Big with Modix B60? With the B60 you get everything you love about Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) in a much bigger frame! The standard features of the B60 also place it squarely in the prosumer category. This means you can easily get the quality and perfection you desire from your 3D printer in a bigger capacity using the Modix large-format Big60 3D printer.

Modix version 3.0 continue and strengthen the winning design principles.


Version 2.0 offered a balance of price and several premium key components, version 3.0 could be now classified as premium in almost every relevant aspect.



Assembly time was shorten dramatically. Our target is 1 day assembly and it might take more  than one production batch iteration to get there but the new version design allows it. It is now symmetrical in all corners, no more left or right side specific parts. Print head assembly is much easier and overall more intuitive.


Version 3.0 provides wider hotend selection (V6, Volcano & Super volcano), easier to customize enclosure ACP panels that are easy to drill and cut for any integration need.


Version 3.0 is now shipped with Duet3D, a 32bit electronics board with advanced features for the high end 3D printing. With Duet, changing printer configuration does not require firmware recompilation anymore, all you need is to change a configuration file and restart your printer. The duet is preinstalled with the powerful Trinamic motor drivers that can push a much higher current dynamically and on demand to the stepper motors. No more manual current adjustment, the new Trinamic drivers can dynamically increase power as needed. These drivers can also sense pick power demands that might point on stall such as generated by a clog in the hotend. There are many other features that allows better reliability. i.e. when the board senses a temperature error the print job is now paused instead of halted as compared to Marlin behavior before. With Duet also the power failure resume is available making the Duet upgrade an extremely important update. Duet is developed by Duet3D LTD, a respectable commercial company from the UK. They host an active support forum and many advanced user tutorials and guides on many advanced topics and optional customizations such as macros and hardware extensions.


With Duet there are new and modern types of user interface. First, is the availability of a large touch screen. It allows easier operation with a touch of a finger while a real time printer status data is being displayed. In addition, the selected default Duet is the WIFI version that allows a full web access from any mobile or desktop. There is an Ethernet version in case a customer needs it. Now you can load a file right from your computer and start your print without leaving your chair.

Motion System

Higher grade of system including


The Big-60 will now offer four Z screws instead of three. With four Z screws, the bed is much more stable during fast movement and accelerations, resulting in a smoother print surface than before. With four screws the tilt bed calibration is better controlled.


In addition to 4 Z Screws, you can now add 4 Hiwin motion rails to Z axis and replace the smooth rods. With the rails, the bed is now attached to the printerframe itself allowing higher print stability especially for very tall objects andfast accelerations. Price for that add-on / Up-sale will be provided later on.


For all axis, we are now serving a higher grade Hiwin motion rails. With version 3.0 we provide rails from the MGW series instead of MGN. Hiwin MGW motion rails are wider than MGN, the riding blocks are longer thus providing higher level of stability in all directions.


On the Y axis, the drag-chain is now installed in a reversed position allowing the most of the drag chain weight, that carries the IGUIS cables, to rest on the Y axis profile. This reduces the load from the Y axis motor and also reduce the resonance on X axis as the whole structure is much more stable and tightly secured.


We have replaced the long shaft and geared motor with a simplified dual motor configuration. Each motor is now pulling only one belt (one on the front and another on the back). This makes the assembly, maintenance and even the belt tension a much easier task than before.


Now also the X, Y & Z axis stepper motors wiring enjoy the same extruder IGUS shielded cables. This reduces electromagnetic noises of the motors to affect the rest of the printer.Now also the X, Y & Z axis stepper motors wiring enjoy the same extruder IGUS shielded cables. This reduces electromagnetic noises of the motors to affect the rest of the printer.


The new print head was redesigned to allow compatibility with the advanced E3D AERO extruders that eliminated the old long heat sink design. This family of extruders arrives with a much larger but shorter heat sink and a 40mm cooling fan instead of 30mm fan as before. This reduces risk for hotend clogs in a closed chamber printing and with higher temperature melting print scenarios. The latest E3D Hermes extruder is now being examined and will be our primary extruder offering once it will be available by E3D.


New dual direct drive setup for dual material printing. A direct drive provides more accurate print results for the support material.


The new print head configuration is now supporting all three E3D hotend configurations, the standard V6, The high flow Volcano and the new super volcano as well. You can simply slide the BL touch probe and hotend cooling fan up or down and set the new hotend configuration with ease.

Technical Specification

PRINT VOLUME 60 x 60 x 66 cm The new model is taller in 6cm due to the shorter heat sink E3D Aero and other changes. You can get around 1cm more on X and Y but we will not mention that on specs for batch 1.
ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER Duet3D 32-Bit High end top rated controller. Supported by a professional & commercial company with proper OEM support. https://www.duet3d.com/
FIRM WARE Reprap Pro Flexibility, macro commands, text file configuration (no compilation needed) and more...
MOTOR DRIVERS Trinamic TMC2660 Higher current, dynamic motor power, very quite operation.
USER INTERFACE 7 inch touchscreen Web Console Modern, friendly, flexible, mobile friendly.
ENCLOSURE Black ACP panels and polycarbonate doors Stronger, no cracks, can be drilled for modification and integrations. Looks better!
MOTION RAILS Hiwin MGW Wider, more accurate and much smoother.
X AXIS Dual motor, no shaft Easier & faster assembly, more power.
Z AXIS 4 X Ball nut screws Now also Big-60 enjoy 4 Z Screws configuration as it was with 120-x. Much more stable bed!
Z AXIS GUIDES 4 X Hiwin MGWN * optional Offered as an add-on / up-sale for Big60 & 120X. WIll provide smoother prints in high speed and tall objects.
INTRUDER E3D Aero Shorter and stronger proven design. 40mm cooling fan and bigger heat sink will reduce potential clogs. The E3D Hemera is now being tested at our office and will be considered for future batch productions.
HOTEND Optional up-sales: Super Volcano and E3D standard V6 (named detailed) More options by design! It allows customers who need fast printer and/or very fine prints to add the right tool for their needs. Both BL Touch probe and cooling fan are comaptible.
DUAL EXTRUSION Dual Direct drive More accurate dual material and support filament printing.
SIGNAL WIRES IGUS for all motors IGUS shielded signal cables provide reduced electrical noise resulting in better reliability.
ASSEMBLY Shorter and simplified. Kit assembly was dramatically simplified for both easier and faster assembly times. Symmetrical corners, smaller metal parts. i.e. the frame is first assembled and later components are added on it.